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Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer is perfect for kids at any skill level. Train and develop basic soccer techniques before testing them out in a compact game!

The perfect entry point for players of any skill level.

Indoor Soccer is a perfect starting point for kids to learn soccer in an interesting and game-like way.

Indoor soccer will show kids how the world of soccer works. Children will be learning the game with the help of coaches, who will be supervising their steps in the big soccer. The Indoor Soccer program will develop kids in 4 major areas: technical, physical, social, and psychological. Indoor Soccer also helps youngsters become more comfortable with the ball and gives them lots of opportunities to practice passing, dribbling, turning, shooting, and ball control while under pressure.

Young players will also touch the ball many more times during indoor classes than they do, they will pass more often, shoot more, and score more goals. They will also practice their skills in far more 1v1 situations than they will experience in traditional soccer.

What we offer

Accessible to players of any skill level!


Fun and Energetic Coaches

Our coaches share our passion for soccer and it shows. Your kids will enjoy learning from our enthusiastic coaches.

Special Events

Once per season kids will be training with Globe FC Academy Coaches where they will be introduced to the more competitive training program.

Individual Skills Training

We'll help strengthen your child's abilities, whether it's their heading, scoring, or passing.

30 min practice, 30 min game

30 min games and “after 30 minutes of practice, flex your newly developed skills in 30 minutes of soccer-based games!

Ease of Entry

Our curriculum is designed for anyone to join. Even if your child has never touched a soccer ball before!

Affordable Pricing

At the end of the day, we want our classes to be as accessible as possible!

Your child is going to have the best soccer experience of their lives and improve their skills immensely. Join us this season as Globe FC will be providing futsal classes for all kids ages 4-14. It opens the door for fun and healthy living, all at an affordable cost.

Who is our classes for?

We have designed a curriculum suited for children ages 4 to 14!

How much does it cost?

Our current rates starts at $159 per child, per season! (Fall/Winter)

Class Schedule

Nora Frances Henderson (Fridays)

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
1770 Upper Sherman Ave, Hamilton, ON L8N 3L1


We have options for Fall or Winter. Each session is 12 weeks long!






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