Questions About Camp

Who is this camp for?

This camp is for all youth (boys and girls) aged 4-12.

Are campers grouped according to age and skill level?

Yes, based on enrolment numbers we group the campers first on age and then on skill. If you are registering more than one camper and you would like to have them in the same group, you can simply inform the on-site supervisor on the first day of camp. There will be instances where there are more than one age group in the same group.

Do I have to bring anything?

Yes! Here is a list of things that we require you to bring with your kids. Keep in mind to prepare for inclement weather if it’s in the forecast.

  • Knapsack
  • Lunch (No peanut products)*
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit & Towel
  • Running shoes are a must and soccer shoes are optional
  • Rain jacket (if there is light rain we might continue outside)

*Again we ask you to not bring any peanut products. Please pack a nutritious lunch for your children so they may remain energetic throughout the day 🙂

Pickup and Drop Off

What does early drop-off/late pick-up mean?

At no extra cost, Globe FC will have an instructor on-site as early as 8:00am and as late as 5:30pm. This gives parents a more flexible pick-up/drop-off timetable based on their own daily schedules. Please ensure that campers are picked-up by 5:30 as our instructors typically have extra-curricular activities that they need to attend to as well.

Please drop off your energetic camper(s) by the back door from the parking lot in the back. This is also the location where you can pick up your tired soccer super-stars ?

Can anyone pick-up/drop-off my child?

No. We have a very strict sign-in and sign out policy that only the approved guardian(s) can drop off or pick up their child. If there are conflicts in scheduling for the guardian(s) and they are unable to drop-off/pick-up their child, we will need a signed letter beforehand indicating who the individual is dropping off or picking up the camper. If you have any other questions or require further inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us at 289-775-7219


Sessions & Duration

When does the camp run?

Our camps run Monday to Friday (apart from Holiday weekdays) during the weeks of July and August.

What are the session times?

Our camp programming runs from 9AM – 4PM. Early drop-off and late pick-up is available.

What does the morning session consist of?

The morning session is geared for skill development. The campers are taught the basic skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, etc. All development is geared for the age skill level of the camper.

What does the afternoon session consist of?

The afternoon session consists of a variety of soccer games e.g. scrimmages, soccer tennis, etc until the afternoon swim takes place. The group will walk over to the Coronation Arena for free swim time. When the swim session is over, the group will walk back to the soccer field and continue with fun game activities until the parent/guardian comes and picks up the camper.

What happens during the swim in the afternoon?

The camp group walks over to the Coronation Arena for Westdale Location or Valley Park Arena for Stoney Creek mountain location usually 30 minutes prior to the start of the actual swim time to give enough time to change and prepare for the swim. We cooperate with the pool supervisors and lifeguards to ensure we follow all rules and policies set forth by Coronation Arena. This means maintaining a low instructor to swimmer ratio. Our instructors and volunteers are required to be in the shallow end with the swimmers to maintain this ratio. The afternoon swim typical lasts 1-2 hours and there is no additional charge for the camper.

Are there breaks/lunch time?

Yes, we understand the need to keep the campers hydrated and fed so we take many water/snack/bathroom breaks throughout the day. We also ensure re-application of sunblock is followed so the campers do not get a burn. Our staff are equipped with spray on sun-block and will ensure each child is protected. Lunch time is between 12pm – 1pm and it is fully supervised.


What happens during inclement weather?

If there is a light mist, then the regular camp activities will continue outside. When there is inclement weather, the group will spend time at the indoor gym as part of the curriculum with futsal related activities/training/games.

What happens during hot days?

We are always concerned with the summer heat. We ensure that the campers stay hydrated throughout the day by taking many breaks. We also ensure that sunblock is re-applied throughout the day as well. During really hot days, our activities are altered to ensure  that campers are not dehydrated or exhausted during the heat. Where there is shade available , we ensure that we take our breaks in the shade. If there are heat alerts, then we treat the day as inclement weather and will take the group indoors and continue our regular scheduled programming without interruption.


What type of background/experience do the instructors have?

Our camp instructors have a great mix of soccer and child care experience. They currently play for the Globe FC senior squad and aspire to further their career in a coaching or teaching related profession.

All Globe FC Soccer Summer Camp instructors have multiple years of experience working in Soccer Camps. Each year our Camp Instructors go through an intensive training session prior to the start of camp to ensure that that your child(ren) have a fun, exciting and memorable summer in a safe setting. Also, before gaining employment, they are required to provide a Security Police Check to us that we keep on file.

What is the camp to instructor ratio?

During the soccer portion of our camp program, we keep an instructor to camper ratio of 10:1 or less (depending on enrolment) and the number of campers in the age group. During the afternoon swim, we abide by the rules of the pool supervisor and their instructor to swimmer ratio.

Questions About Payment

How much does the camp cost?

$119 full week or $95 short week (short week is a 4 day week that includes a statutory holiday)

Are there any discounts?

There are multiple week discounts available. When registering for a full month (July or August) or for the entire Summer, make sure to pick the the actual month or full season product instead of each week individually to take advantage of the discount.

Can I cancel my registration at anytime and get a refund?

Cancellations made seven (7) days or greater from the start of the registered camp session will be subject to 100% refund. Cancellations made seven (7) days or less from the start of the registered camp session will be subject to 50% refund.  All refunds are subject to a $25 administration charge. There will be no refunds once the registered camp session has started. Please call us at 289-775-7219 for further inquiries.

I'm interested! How do I register my child?

You can register for camp online by clicking here. We accept cheque, VISA, or MasterCard. You can also use PayPal to pay too. You can also register over the phone by calling us  at 289-775-7219.