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Our Programs

We offer various fun-filled programs throughout the year. Our programs will leave your kids with an unforgettable experience!

Hamilton's #1 Soccer Camp at an Affordable Price.

Our staff’s high energy and soccer knowledge will allow your child to have the summer camp experience of their lives. Our camp will offer a full day of various activities of not only soccer training, but also a strong basis for healthy active living. While being an  all-day soccer camp, Globe camp will not focus solely on soccer, but will also offer plenty of other sports-oriented games, swimming time, and lots of water-based activities. The campers will also beinvolved in creative play activities, tag and circle games, cooperative and dramatic games and much more.

Every moment of each day at our summer camp is designed to be part of a comprehensive curriculum to allow your child to learn the game of soccer, expand their skills and forge new friendships all while creating moments and memories that will be enthusiastically told and recreated by your child on the way home every day.

House League @ Kay Drage Park

House League is a great opportunity for your child to learn more about professional soccer. Your child will be assigned their very own team and will be trained by our professional and energetic coaches.

Your children will have to opportunity to participate in weekly training sessions and games. Weekly games will reflect on their teams standings in the House League.

Every player receives a full kit including team jersey/shorts/socks, an individual and team picture and weekly various live shot photos. There is an end of season soccer tournament and bbq included in the season cost (Super Saturday).

All for a cost of only $189! So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Kay Drage Field for an unforgettable experience!

Globe FC Presents: Elite, European-Style Academy

For those looking for an advanced curriculum, our academy is a perfect way to get your feet wet. Featuring three practices per week and games all-year round!

It’s no secret that European-style “football” is the next step in your child’s football experience, why not get started at Globe FC today?

Plus, enjoy a free kit, free backpack, and much more! All at an affordable cost!

Indoor Classes (Futsal), the perfect entry point for players of any skill level!

Indoor Soccer (Futsal) is perfect for kids at any skill level. Train and develop basic soccer techniques before testing them out in a compact game!

“Futsal encourages young players become more agile, faster, stronger and have better balance.”

Your child is going to have the best soccer experience of their lives and improve their skills immensely. Join us this season as Globe FC will be providing futsal classes for all kids ages 4-12. It opens the door for fun and healthy living, all at an affordable cost.