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Globe FC Summer Camp

Globe FYC Summer Camp, an exciting camp for all children ages 4 – 12 ✌️

Globe Football Youth Club is a club dedicated to, and obsessed with the ‘game’ of Soccer. As a group of experienced young professionals from various cultural and religious backgrounds who came together to provide guidance and support for children and youth through sport of soccer we are conscious of the positive impacts this beautiful game can have on children’s lives and their outlook towards it and painfully aware of just how many of them don’t get the chance to truly experience the game and all the joys it can offer.

"We want our children to be able to enjoy the wonderful game of soccer in a safe and fun environment."

Soccer is the universal language for unity, friendship and fun and we will make every effort to provide the best soccer experience for your child to thrive, learn, explore and grow over the summer. Our staff is composed of the ‘baddest’ soccer coaches and players who will pay attention to your child’s needs and skills and make sure that they are engaged and active at every moment.

Globe Football Youth Club Summer Camp’s every moment of each day is designed to be part of a comprehensive curriculum to allow your child to learn the game of soccer, expand their skills and forge new friendships all while creating moments and memories that will be enthusiastically told and recreated by your child on the way home every day.

Our staff’s high energy and soccer knowledge will allow your child to have the soccer experience of their lives. Our camp will offer a full day of various activities of not only soccer training, but also a strong basis for healthy active living. While being an all day soccer camp, Globe Football Youth Club camp will not focus solely on the 11v11 version of the game but will also include daily futsal training, various soccer based games/activities and individual skills training.

"After an exhausting period of fun, what better way to end the day than with an afternoon swim?"

A key component of Globe Football Youth Club Summer Camp will be the hundreds and thousands of touches your child will have on the soccer ball every day of every week allowing for comfort and creativity with the ball at their feet, ultimately and inevitably resulting in increased enjoyment of the game.

Even the pro’s need some time away from the field, so we will make sure to spend some time with free-swimming every afternoon. Swimming will be supervised at all times with lifeguard on duty and is guaranteed to be skin-wrinkling fun!

Our “goal” is for every child to be happy, feel included and showcase their best selves throughout the summer. We look forward to meeting everyone and having a great summer with you. If you’ve never signed up your child for a soccer camp, or have been disappointed with other soccer camps, give us a call and let us show you why this will be the one decision you will make for your child this summer that you won’t regret.

Featuring 3 Exciting Locations!

Sign up at the closest location to you!

01. West Hamilton

Kay Drage Park – 200 Macklin St N, Hamilton, ON L8S 3R5

02. Hamilton Mountain

Hill Park Fields (Behind/Besides Sackville Hill) – 305 South Bend Rd E, Hamilton, ON L9A 4K6

03. Stoney Creek

Valley Park – 970 Paramount Dr, Stoney Creek, ON L8J 1Y2

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